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[14 Mar 2009|10:15pm]
"Chapter 10: The Jig Is Up"

-As the night went along, the group went into the restrooms to dry up. In the women's restroom, Laka and Ayano are towel-drying themselves off.-

Ayano: "Stupid boys. I can't believe they did that."
Laka: "Aw, lighten up princess, the splash wasn't THAT big."
Ayano: (looking away) "You can call me Ayano, you know. I refuse to return to the kingdom anyway.
Laka: "...I'm sorry. You must've been through a lot huh."
Ayano: "Psh... believe me, you don't even know."
-Laka, fixing her own hair, putting on her ribbon.-
Laka: "Well, I gotta admit though... It was really cute when Rikuo said you were all powerful."
-Ayano notices her pendant change from blue to red.-
Ayano: (thinking) "...It's just like how it was before!
-Ayano turns to Laka.-
Ayano: "There's no doubt about it! But why her? That's what I don't understand..."
-Laka's ribbon gives off a red aura. Her eyes turn blue.-
Laka: "That librarian... she called me 'young man'. She had it coming. I just..."
Ayano: "Ah! I knew you weren't Laka! Who are you!? Maybe I can help!"
Laka: "I... I don't understand you... Goodbye."
-She walks backwards, fading into the steam.-
Ayano: "No! Get back here right now!"

-In the men's restroom, Ram and Rikuo are toweling off themselves.-
Ram: "I think we overdid that splash, Rikuo. Ayano seemed pretty pissed off."
Rikuo: "Oh, she'll get over it quick."
Ram: "So how long have you known her for?"
Rikuo: "Hmm, practically all my life, really."
Ram: "Huh, same with Laka and myself."
-Rikuo shakes the water off himself.-
Ram: "...You know I just can't tell what species you are."
Rikuo: "I am a fox, dammit!"
-Rikuo takes his towel and snaps it on Ram's lower back.-
Ram: "Ouch! So it's gonna be like that then huh?"
-As Ram is about to hit him back with his own towel, Ayano is heard screaming outside.-
Ayano: (from a distance) "Get back here! Now!!"
Rikuo: "That's Ayano!"
-The guys quickly get dressed and head outside-

Rikuo: "Ayano, what's going on?"
Ayano: "This girl is an imposter, Rikuo. She's our target."
Rikuo: "...You mean SHE'S the one we were looking for?"
Ram: "What?"
Laka: "What are you talking about, Ayano. My name is Laka, and I am no imposter."
Ayano: "Is that right? If you are who you say you are, then prove it!"
Laka: (thinking) "Wait, is she serious? We just met. How can I prove my own identity to this stranger?"
-Laka gives Ayano a dirty look.-
Laka: "Prove what? I don't even know you, and you don't know me. Boy, you really ARE strange, Ayano.
Ram: "Can someone fill me in... maybe?"
Laka: "There's nothing to talk about. She's just a weirdo and that's all there is to it. Come on, Ram. Let's go."
-She runs off.-
Ayano: "HEY!"

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[13 Mar 2009|01:23pm]
"Chapter 9: The Source"

-As time passes by, the group gets aquainted with one another. That night, they all decided to go skinny-dipping in a hot spring. Laka and Ayano get completely undressed and get in the water. Rikuo and Ram are elsewhere.-
Ayano: (explaining part of her story to Laka) "...And I would usually come to this world because I'm an outcast in my own world, you see? Even though I'm a princess, I just don't fit into the kingdom."
Laka: "That's kind of sad... I'm sorry to hear that."
Ayano: "So, did any of that make sense to you, Laka?"
Laka: (thinking) "I guess I have to believe that story... I mean, that cat Rikuo is here."
Ayano: "Which reminds me..."
Laka: "Hmm?"
Ayano: "Laka, I have to tell you something. You... are not a normal person."
Laka: "Ha, I get that often. What exactly is 'normal' these days, right?"
Ayano: "You don't understand."
-She moves in closer to Laka...-
Ayano: "You may not be who you think you are."
Laka: (confused, looking away) "...Okay, yeah you lost me."
Ayano: (thinking) "I got her now. She's mine."
Laka: (thinking) "What is she doing...?"
-Ayano clutches her pendant and realizes it isn't red anymore...-
Ayano: "What the..."
Laka: "What IS your deal? You're so weird."
Ayano: "No no! You don't get it!"

-From above, Ram and Rikuo are getting undressed. Rikuo looks over at Ram, and draws closer to him.-
Rikuo: "So, Ram..."
Ram: "Yeah?"
Rikuo: "...You think I'm sexy?"
Ram: "H-huh?"
Rikuo: "I saw you checking me out."
Ram: "What the hell? No, I wasn't."
Rikuo: "Uh-huh."
Ram: "You are nuts to even think so."
Rikuo: "...meh, we all know I'm the sexiest fox around."
-He walks away-
Ram: "Tch. Whatever."

-From below.-
Laka: "Weirdo! You want my body, you pervert."
Ayano: "Shut the hell up, I do not!"
Laka: "Why else would you be hitting on me?"
Ayano: "Stop it! I am not hitting on you!"
Laka: "Are too! Ewww!"

-Then, Ram and Rikuo dive from the top of the spring.-
Ram & Rikuo: (Doing a spinning cannon ball in sync) "Super cannon spin!"
Rikuo: "Double... times two!"
-They make a huge splash, causing a wave, making the girls separate.-
Laka & Ayano: "Ahhhhhhhhh!!!"

-From the side, Laka's Ribbon, on top of her clothes, starts to give off a red aura.-
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[13 Mar 2009|02:59am]
"Chapter 8: Welcome To Para-Para"

-As Rikuo and Ayano jump through the well, a blinding white light shined before their eyes...-
Ayano: "We're here..."
-Rikuo opens his eyes slowly... it is evening.-
Rikuo: "What... just happened? Where are we?"
Ayano: "Welcome to the human world, Rikuo."
Rikuo: "Gah!! 'Human world'!? You mean this place actually exists?"
Ayano: "Duh, I'm a human, buddy." (She messes up Rikuo's hair) "It's okay, I'm still trying to figure things out myself."

-They walk around downtown-
Rikuo: "What exactly are we looking for, Ayano?"
Ayano: "Like I said before, I can use my pendant as a locator. We are looking for Foxy. This time, I'm showing no mercy."
Rikuo: "What are you going to do?"
Ayano: "We'll see..."
Rikuo: (gulp...)
-The pendant starts to slowly glow red.-
Ayano: "Here we go, now we're getting somewhere."
-As they walk by each building, the pendant glows more red. Finally they reach 7-Eleven.-
Ayano: "Huh..."

-7-Eleven, Ram is buying slulrpees for Laka and himself-
CASHIER: "Will this be all?"
Ram: "Yep."

-Outside the store-
Ayano: "The pendant is absolutely red! You know what this means?"
Rikuo: "Umm... hunger? Cuz I'm starving..."
Ayano: "No, you goof. It means we found our target!"
Rikuo: "Target? So now what do we do?"
Ayano: "...Time to take her ass down by force."

-Ayano and Rikuo barge into 7-Eleven-
Rikuo: "RAWR!"
Ayano: "All right, come quietly and nobody gets hurt!"
-Ram and Laka, completely oblivious to Ayano and Rikuo's entrance.-
Ram: (to Laka) "...And then, that's how I got a free pizza meal. For winning the game!"
Laka: "Aww that's so awesome, Ram!"
Ayano: (to Rikuo) "There has to be a mistake... Foxy's not here. And yet, my pendant is... red!"
Rikuo: "Maybe it wasn't Foxy after all."
Ayano: "No, I saw her!"
-Ayano has a quick flashback of Foxy breaking into her bedroom.-
Ayano: (To Laka) "Hey..."
Laka: (To Ram, still in conversation) "...almost won, but I came close!"
Ayano: "Hey! Listen when someone is talking to you!"
Laka: (Turns to Ayano) "Uh, hello? I'm like, having a conversation here? It's rude to interrupt. Where are your manners?"
Rikuo: "Hey you! Don't you disrespect the princess! She is all powerful!"
-Laka starts to blush as she sees Rikuo.-
Rikuo: "Uh... what...?"
Laka: "Oh my gosh... you are like the cutest thing!"
Rikuo: "Huh?"
Laka: "Wahhh... the cat can talk. So cute!!"
Rikuo: "Uh, naturally... and I'm not-I'm not a cat..."
-Ram and Ayano, standing to the side, watching Laka go ga-ga over Rikuo.-
Ram: "Umm... so, my name's Ram..."
Ayano: "Ayano... nice to meet you."
Laka: "He's so cute!!"

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[12 Mar 2009|01:06am]
"Chapter 7: She's The Man"

-Laka and Ram are finished doing their duty at the fair.-
MAN: "It's okay. We can take it from here. You two go on home, you've worked all day!"
Ram: "Thank you!"

-They walk downtown.-
Ram: "Oh no! Our project! We didn't even start on it!"
Laka: "Project?"
Ram: "Don't tell me the fair really got to you?"
Laka: "Oh... That's right. But I promised my parents I would cook them dinner tonight..."
Ram: "Hmm... "
Laka: "Okay, okay don't worry. Let's just hit the library for a little bit, checkout a bunch of books, and compare notes later on."
Ram: "Sounds good."

-Library... (apparently they've been there for awhile now).-
Laka: "Find anything YET!?"
Ram: "Uhh..."
Laka: "Ram, come on I was supposed to be home hours ago."
Ram: "Ah! THIS one for sure!"
Laka: (sigh...) "No, I was supposed to be home hours ago!"
Ram: "So... tell your parents we'll pick up some KFC.-
Laka: (angrilly) "We're not getting any K-F-#%&*in'-C!!
-The librarian appears around the corner.-
Laka: "Excuse me...?"
LIBRARIAN: "Young man! There is no swearing in this library! And you are very loud!"
Laka: "What... Are you talking to me?"
LIBRARIAN: "YOUNG MAN! I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
-Laka punches the librarian in her solar plexus.-
-She falls to the floor.-
Ram: "...Laka! I've never seen you so aggressive that you would punch an old librarian like that."
Laka: "Did you hear what the hell she was calling me?"
Ram: "You know old people, they just don't know the difference between a lot of things these days."
Laka: "I'll say..."
Ram: (scratching his head) "Well... you sure showed her..."
Laka: "Yeah! This young man is stronger than all y'all! Who's next!?"
Ram: "Haaa...."
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[19 Oct 2008|03:19am]

"Chapter 6: Let's Go On A Trip"

-The next day, back in the Kunai Kingdom, Rikuo is seen walking outside with a picnic basket singing a happy tune.-
Rikuo: (Singing) "Picnic time, la la la, gotta love the pic-a-nic time."
-Rikuo is smiling as he's walking and swinging his picnic basket back and forth.-
Rikuo: "Oh what a beautiful day to go on a picnic. The weather is absolutely perfect! The breeze feels great! Yep! Nothing can go wrong today!"
-Ayano appears out of no where, wearing a police officer's uniform. She blows her whistle in Rikuo's ear.-
Rikuo: "AHH! What the--"
Ayano: "Hold it right there!"
Rikuo: "Oh, Princess! I barely recognized you... what are you doing in that outfit anyway?"
Ayano: "Okay wiseguy, you're coming with me!"
Rikuo: "Wha...? Did I do something wrong? Princess... is this a joke?"
Ayano: "Come on, the well's this way. Move it, move it!"
Rikuo: "Hey!"
Ayano: "I found out the secret, Rikuo."
Rikuo: "Secret?"
Ayano: "I know how to make them believe me. But I'll need your help. My pendant may not be in full power, but I can still use it as a locator. This may be a 'make it or break it' type deal. I only have enough energy for a one way trip."
Rikuo: "I'm... confused... Princess...?"
Ayano: "Rikuo come on, we're outside the castle, call me Ayano."
Rikuo: "...Ayano, just what is the big deal about this well anyway?"
Ayano: "That's what I'm here to show you."
-She removes her outfit and reveals her street clothes.-
Ayano: "It's going to be hot down there."
Rikuo: "Umm... you want me naked?"
Ayano: "I didn't say that."
-Ayano closes her eyes and concentrates. Her chipped pendant glows slowly, as does the well.-
Rikuo: "What's this!?"
-Ayano grabs onto Rikuo's paw.-
Ayano: "You ready?"
Rikuo: "For what!?"
Ayano: "Set..."
Rikuo: "Ayano!"
Ayano: "Here we go, Rikuo!"
-The jump into the well.-
Rikuo: "I'm so confused~!"
-They disappear.-

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[19 Oct 2008|02:50am]

"Chapter 5: Believe Me"

-That night, Foxy is seen running down an alley in Para-Para. She stops to catch her breath.-
Foxy: "This is too much work. But I can handle this on my own. Forget the others!
-A cop spots Foxy.-
COP: "There it is!"
Foxy: "Oh here we go again..."
-She runs.-

-The fair is complete, up and running quite well.-
Laka: "Welcome! Would you like to try this game? It's one dollar for three shots!"
Ram: "Laka I'm going on my break now."
Laka: "All right, no problem."
-Ram leaves the booth.-
Laka: "Come on, step right up, one dollar for three shots!"
-The wind blows.-
Laka: "Hmm..."

Foxy: "Stop it! Stop chasing me! Or else!"
COP: "It's getting away! Catch it!"
Foxy: "What the hell, stop calling me 'it'!"
-Foxy continues running, grasping the pendant shards in her paw. They glow."
Foxy: "Again...?"
-She looks up and spots Laka stepping outside the booth.-
Foxy: "Maybe..."
-Laka looks over at Foxy charging at her. She's stands like a deer in the headlights.-
Foxy: "Power within the shards... save me the trouble... hide me."
-Foxy dives into Laka's ribbon. Laka falls backwards and passes out.-
-Ram comes back.-
Ram: "Laka, what happened!? Are you okay!?
-A crowd starts gathering around to see what's wrong.-
Ram: "Give her air. Are you hurt? Laka say something!"
-The cops arrive.-
COP: "Where'd that animal go!?"
-Laka slowly awakens in Ram's arms.-
Ram: "Thank goodness... maybe I should bring you home."
Laka: "What? Oh... no, I'm fine, really."
Ram: "Are you sure?"
Laka: "I'll be fine."
Ram: "Okay. You had me worried there."
-The cops go around asking people questions.-
-Laka's ribbon glows...-
Laka: "Success..."

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[12 Apr 2008|01:37am]
"Chapter 4: ...WHAT!"

-Ram is text messaging Laka during class.-
Ram's message: "R U feelin N E better? Dun 4get, Fair 2Day!"
-Bell Rings-
Mrs. Hamata: "Whew. Lunch Time! Copy the rest of the assignment after."
CLASS: "Yes, ma'am!"
-Mrs. Hamata leaves the classroom.-

-Ram eats lunch by himself by the windows.-
GUY 1: "Ram, come sit with us, man!"
Ram: "Oh, no it's OK, thanks anyway though."
GUY 2: (talking among themselves) "I wonder where his girlfriend is."
GUY 1: "Yeah, I know. They're inseparable."
Ram: (to himself) "Girlfriend!? No way, it's nothing like that..."
-Ram's phone vibrates. He checks it. It's a text message from Laka.-
Laka's message: "Meet me outside the school immediately. Look out the window."
Ram: (to himself) "That's weird, it's unlike her to use proper spelling and grammar in text messages..."
-He looks out the window. He sees Laka signaling him to come out.-
Ram: (thinking) "What the..."
-He quickly gets up, takes his lunch, and leaves the classroom.-

-He runs outside.-
Ram: "Laka! If you were going to be here why would you skip morning classes?"
Laka: "Ram... let's go to the fair. Right now. And help set everything up."
Ram: "School's not over yet."
Laka: "There's no time! I've been having a reoccuring dream, and I think I may know what it means!"
-They run off.-

-At the fairgrounds, there are a few tables and booths set up. Only a few adults are there.-
Laka: "Hi. We're here to help out with the fair."
MAN: "Names?"
Laka: "Laka Tanuki and Ram Makino.:
-He checks the I.D. sheet.-
MAN: "Okay. But you two are early. Oh well, you can start by setting up tables. If you need any help I'll be right here."
Laka: "Thanks."
-The two walk and talk.-
Ram: "So tell me already, what's with you and that 'dream'?
Laka: "I just... I can feel that the answer will come to me tonight. We'll see it for ourselves."
Ram: "...and all of a sudden you have like ESP or something? What's up with that?"
Laka: "I know, it's weird, huh? But I can just sense it for some reason. Let's set up these tables, okay?"

-As the day goes along, more students come along to help... the fair is now complete.-
Laka: "Whoo!
Ram: "So... tired..."
Laka: "You're telling me. Ah but we're finally done.
MAN: (On microphone) Thank you everyone. It is thanks to you all for working with each other as a team to help build together this wonderful fair this year. Let's have a great time! Free drinks and snacks for all your hard work."
Laka: "Don't you just love the fair?"
-Laka rushes to get her snacks."
Ram: "I can't move..."
-Ram slouches in his chair.-
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[11 Apr 2008|02:30am]
"Chapter 3: The Pain Inside"

-Ayano's bedroom-
Ayano: "You barred my windows!?"
King Kiro: "It's for your safety."
Ayano: "I don't believe this, I feel like a prisoner!"
Ayano: "...I am a prisoner, aren't I?"
Queen Tara: "Honey we're just doing what's best for you..."
Ayano: "This doesn't even come close to what's best for me!"
King Kiro: "And we'll have guards keeping watch outside your bedroom door."
Ayano: "This isn't fair..."
Queen Tara: (to Kiro) "Uh, dear, can I see you outside?"
-The king and queen leave. They talk outside her door.-
Queen Tara: "I believe Ayano is right. I think... we should really tell her the truth."
King Kiro: "We can't, not just yet."
Queen Tara: "All these years though! She'll go insane if we don't!"
King Kiro: "I just need some more time..."
-They walk off.-

-Back in Ayano's Bedroom..."
Ayano: "I am going to go nuts if I stay here any longer!"
-She walks out of her bedroom past the guard.-
Ayano: "Oh... excuse me, I'm just going to go outside get some FRESH AIR! That's fine right!?"
-The guard nods-
Ayano: "It better be!"
-She runs off outside.-

-She goes to the tree where Rikuo hangs.-
Ayano: "Rikuo! Are you there!?"
Rikuo: "Yeah! I'm up here."
-Rikuo is about to climb down.-
Ayano: "No no, stay, I'm coming up."
-She climbs up and sits next to him.-
Ayano: (sighs) "Last night was the worst night ever..."
Rikuo: "Nobody believed you, huh?"
-She shakes her head.-
Rikuo: "You know, I was thinking..."
Ayano: "Hmm...?"
Rikuo: "You said you encountered a 'vixen'...?"
Ayano: "That's right."
-Rikuo thinks to himself... he has flashbacks of Foxy with FOX-Z.-
Rikuo: "Foxy!"
Ayano: "Huh?"
Rikuo: "It has to be her! She's been up to no good from the beginning! See, Foxy is the leader of the Fox Clan 'FOX-Z'. They're a group of bandits."
Ayano: "I can't believe I never knew about them until now."
Rikuo: "I don't think anyone else does either! I know them because... she tried to get me to join them. I refused, obviously. Then she called me a cat. Gosh, I hate being called a cat."
-They both sigh...-
Ayano: "But yeah, now the whole kingdom thinks I'm making this story up. Not only do they not give me a chance to be their princess, they all think I'm a fake."
-She looks at her chipped pendant.-
Ayano: "I will prove everybody wrong though..."
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[09 Apr 2008|02:57pm]
"Chapter 2: This Is Para-Para"

Mrs.Hamata: "Pop quiz!"
CLASS: "Nooo~!"
-She hands out the quizzes.-
Mrs.Hamata: "Take one and pass it down."
Laka: (to Ram) "What's the point of pop quizzes? I think she's just trying to fail us on purpose."
-Ram shrugs.-

-After the Pop Quiz...-
-Laka puts her head down on her desk.-
Laka: "Man that was tough!"
Ram: "I didn't think so."
-She turns her head toward Ram.-
Laka: "Well of course you didn't think so, genius. I'm surprised you haven't graduated already, with your brainiac skills."
Ram: "Well... I don't know about that."
Laka: "So modest..."
-Bell rings, everyone gets up and leaves.-
Mrs. Hamata: "And don't forget, your presentations are due on Friday!"
Laka: "Ah, that's two days from now. We haven't even started have we?"
Ram: "Nope."
Laka: "Let's head over to the library today."

-In the hallway, on their way out of school, they pass a sign that reads, "FAIR - THURSDAY AT 3:00. DON'T MISS IT!"
Laka: "Whoa, Ram, look."
-They read it to themselves.-
Ram: "And help is greatly appreciated."
Laka: "I've always wanted to work in a fair. Just once."
Ram: "Let's do it!"
-They sign their names on the sign-up sheet.-

-Laka's House, in the kitchen.-
Laka: "Mom, I'm home!"
Laka's Mother: "Hi dear, dinner will be ready soon. Don't forgot, tomorrow night is your turn to cook!"
Laka: "I know, I know. Is dad working overtime again?"
Laka's Mother: "Yeah, I'm afraid so. Looks like it'll be just you and me tonight. But he'll be coming home the usual time tomorrow."
Laka: "He's going to love what I'm going to make for him."
-She then remembered about the fair...-
Laka: "Aww, crud. You know what, Mom? I actually volunteered to help out at tomorrow's fair."
Laka's Mother: "Laka, your father and I work very hard to help keep this family together. Your father, especially. Tomorrow is the only day this week he's not working overtime. And tomorrow is your turn to cook. A deal is a deal, remember?"
Laka: (sighs) "Okay..."

-That night in Laka's bedroom, Laka is laying in her bed under the covers, looking out the window.-
Laka: (to herself) "...I really want to go to the fair though. Opening night is the best night... Am I selfish?"
-She goes to sleep.-

-Laka's dream... Laka is in her night clothes standing in the dark sky as the wind blows. She sees a someone's silhouette, but can't make out who it is.-
Laka: "Tell me, just who are you?"
-The figure turns its head at Laka and opens its eyes.-
Laka: *gasp!*
-The figure looks at Laka... then jumps away.-
Laka: Hmmm...
-End Dream; Laka's alarm clock rings rings.-

-In the morning... Laka wakes up and shuts off her alarm.-
Laka: "That dream..."
-She sits up.-
Laka: "What was that anyway..."
-She lays back down, closes her eyes, and exhales.-
Laka's Father: (from downstairs) "Laka I'm going to work! I'm looking forward to dinner tonight!"
Laka: "Mm-hmm..."
-One hour later, it is 7:00, Laka's alarm goes off, she quickly shuts it off.-
Laka's Mother: "Laka! I'm heading off to work now! You better get up!"
Laka: "Mm-hmm!"
-Another hour later... Laka is still in bed with her eyes closed.-
Laka: "This is too much..."
-Laka's cell phone rings. She answers it.-
Laka: "Yeah?"
Ram: (over the phone) "You coming to school today?
Laka: "Uhhh... actually, I'm not feeling that well."
Ram: "Oh no...."
Laka: "Yeah, I think it'd be best if I stayed home today."
Ram: "You sure about that? You'll be all right?"
Laka: "I'll be fine, don't worry about me. I'll let you know what's up."
Ram: "Yeah, likewise." *click*
-Laka puts down her phone.-
Laka: "Now I know I had that dream before... What does it mean?"
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[08 Apr 2008|11:44pm]
"Chapter 1: A New Beginning"

-Rikuo walks to the tree where he and Princess Ayano have first met. He then looks over at the castle at her bedroom window.-
Rikuo: "My best friend..."
-He smiles as the calm wind blows through his fur.-

-7 year old Ayano walks across the bridge by herself. She walks past a rabbit 5 years older than her.-
Ayano: "Hi..."
-The rabbit turns his back on her.-
Ayano: "Umm... I'm the princess of this kingdom! My name is Ayano!"
RABBIT: "I know who you are, what do you think I'm stupid?"
Ayano: "Huh?"
RABBIT: "Look, just don't bother me, human."
Ayano: "Human...?"
-Ayano walks off slowly...-
Ayano: (quietly) "Human..."
-She looks up and sees animal children playing in an open field-
PUPPY: "Here Lani! Catch the frisbee!"
KITTEN: "Throw it here!"
CHICKEN: "I got it! I got it!"
-Ayano walks over to them.-
PUPPY: "Uh-oh. Don't look now but here comes the human."
-Ayano stops.-
CHICKEN: "Let's play somewhere else."
-They all walk away... Ayano looks down at the ground, sad. She walks over to the tree and sits down with her face buried in her knees, crying.-

Ayano: (sobbing) "Human... me... why me?"
-Above her, laying on a branch is a young Rikuo. He accidentally drops an apple on Ayano's head.-
Ayano: "Ouch!"
-She looks up and sees Rikuo.-"
Rikuo: "I'm sorry, I wasn't finished eating that."
-Ayano gets up and walks away.-
Rikuo: "Wait, what's your hurry?"
Ayano: "Go ahead. Call me a human, that's what I am, huh? A worthless human with no friends!"
Rikuo: "I can be your friend!"
Ayano: "I don't need your jokes or your pity. If I can go so far away from here, where no one would treat me nasty, I would!"
Rikuo: "I'm not joking... I don't... have any friends either."
-Ayano turns around.-
Ayano: "Why not...? You're not a human."
Rikuo: "That's not it..."
-He climbs down the tree so Ayano can get a better look at him."
Ayano: (laughs) "Ah, you're cute! You're a cute fox!"
Rikuo: "Wow, you're the first person who hasn't called me a cat!"
Ayano: "Are you a cat?"
Rikuo: "NO!"
-Ayano laughs, then Rikuo begins to laugh too.-
Ayano: "I'm Ayano by the way."
Rikuo: "I'm Rikuo. It's so nice to meet you."

(End Flashback)

-Rikuo, in the tree, thinking of Ayano.-
Rikuo: "Hang in there..."
-Foxy the vixen walks by the tree and sees Rikuo.-
Foxy: "Hey! Hey you!"
Rikuo: "Are you talking to me?
Foxy: "Yeah! You don't have any friends do you?"
Rikuo: "Yes I do, I have--"
Foxy: "We should be friends! How about it?"
Rikuo: "I don't think so... The talk of the town says you're a bad person."
Foxy: "What!? What do they know!? They don't know jack about me! You don't even know me."
Rikuo: "I know you're up to no good, and it doesn't take an idiot to figure that out."
Foxy: "Screw you! You stay in that tree then, kitty-cat. You'll always be a cat! You're no Fox, poseur!"
-Foxy blows Rikuo a raspberry and leaves. Rikuo sits up and watches Foxy walk away.
Rikuo: "What was that about...?"

-In the castle...-
King Kiro: "You left for the human world again!?"
Ayano: "Dad..."
King Kiro: "No! This needs to stop, Ayano. You are the princess of Kunai, you are safe here."
Ayano: "Dad, I have realized that I am no animal. I do not belong in this world, the whole kingdom hates me!"
King Kiro: "That's not true!"
Ayano: "It is true! I get no respect whatsoever! I can't live here... I can't..."
-Ayano looks away.-
Queen Tara: "Ayano... your father and I want what's best for you. The human world is dangerous. We don't want you to get hurt!"
-Ayano looks up at her mother."
-Ayano: "You don't understand because you both are wolves. I'm all human, blood and all. If I live here I'll only be living a fool's a life!"
King Kiro: "Ayano!"
-Ayano cries as she runs up to her bedroom."
Queen Tara: "I knew this day would come..."
King Kiro: "I love my daughter, no matter what she may be. She musn't set foot in the human world, even if she is human. They'll come for her."
-The King and Queen hold each other close.-

-Later that day, Foxy rounds up her 4 other clan members of FOX-Z.
Foxy: "Okay gang, here's the scoop..."
-Inaudible from a distance. Rikuo walks by.-
Foxy: "What do you want?"
-Rikuo continues walking.-
Foxy: "Ah--Hold on there, Rikuo!"
-Rikuo stops and looks at Foxy.-
Foxy: "You want to join our clan, FOX-Z? We'd have an even number of members. Foxes only, of course."
Rikuo: "No thanks."
Foxy: "Tsk... I should've known you were really a cat."
-Rikuo shakes his head.-
Rikuo: "You'll never learn..."
-He walks off.-
Foxy: "Come say that to my face!!" (To FOX-Z) "Forget him. We start at nightfall."

-The castle again, Ayano's bedroom.
-Ayano is seen laying down in her bed with her face in her pillow. Queen Tara knocks on her door and comes in.-
Queen Tara: "Sweety..."
-She sits on Ayano's bed with her., stroking her hair."
Queen Tara: "I know life in the kingdom has been very stressful for you. But just know that in one special day, things will change for the better. Your father and I love you very much and we want you to be happy.
Queen Tara: "I love you, honey."
-She kisses Ayano's head, leaves her bedroom and shuts the door on her way out.-
Queen Tara: (sighs) "Please be happy..."

-That night...-
Foxy: "Our plan is a go."
-FOX-Z gives her a thumbs up, then spreads out to keep a look-out as she climbs the castle wall.-
Foxy: "Piece of cake..."

-Meanwhile in Ayano's bedroom, Ayano is up and wide-awake, getting dressed.-
Ayano: "I'm not crazy. I'm finished with this animal kingdom. I'm done with royalty, I'm done with the hatred, I'm done with it all."
-Ayano takes her power pendant off the cabinet-
-Foxy jumps through Ayano's open window as Ayano was about to climb out. They stare into each other's eyes.-
Ayano: "Hey! Who are you!?"
-Foxy looks down at Ayano's power pendant and snaps her necklace off her neck.-
Ayano: "Ahhh!"
Foxy: "This is just what I need. Peace out!"
-As Foxy turns around, Ayano tackles her from behind and fights for the pendant.-
Ayano: "That's mine!"
-They beat each other up as they fight for the pendant. Suddenly, the jewel in the pendant chips. Small shards come out.-
Ayano: "Argh!"
-Foxy rounds up as much shards as she could, and makes a jump for it out the window.-
Ayano: "Damn it! Guards!!"
-Ayano hits the emergency alarm and jumps out the window after Foxy. Foxy makes a run for it.-
Foxy: "Wait, where'd my clan go!?"
Ayano: "Stop! Stop now!"
-The guards of the castle come out of the castle. Foxy is nowhere in sight.-

-Behind the castle...-
Foxy: "Way to bail out on me now guys..."
-She clenches her fist with the shards of the jewel. They glow. She looks over at the well and sees the well glowing.-
Foxy: "I wonder..."
-Foxy jumps in the well without hesitation. She disappears.-
-The whole kingdom is awake, and nobody saw a thing. The guards never caught Foxy, nor did they get a glimpse of who she really was.-
King Taro: "Ayano, what happened?"
Ayano: "That vixen broke into my window and chipped my pendant and she got away!"
Queen Tara: "Vixen?"
Ayano: "You guys didn't see her!?"
PUPPY: (To his mother) "I bet she was faking it. She just wants attention."
PUPPY'S MOTHER: "Now now... Let's go back home and get some sleep. I'm sure it was nothing..."
-Everybody glares at Ayano as they return to their homes. Rikuo doesn't move.-
Rikuo's Mother: "Come along, Rikuo."
-Rikuo double looks at Ayano, making eye-contacting with her, knowing she's telling the truth. He walks away with his mother.-
Queen Tara: "Say, our windows are full-proof from intruders. How..."
King Taro: "You were going to sneak out again weren't you?"
-Ayano sighs and just gives up. She felt so hopeless on getting out. Her parents made sure she would never leave the kingdom... or so we think...-
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SCRIPT - Ribbon Mini: Crazy 'Bout Cookies [30 Jul 2007|05:41pm]
"Crazy 'Bout Cookies"

Scenery: Pastry Shop - Inside

Rikuo: "I can't wait to get my paws on them cookies!"
Sai: "Excited over cookies? Wow, Rikuo."
Rikuo: "What, I didn't eat breakfast. And Foxy said something to me this morning about picking up a batch of cookies... or something."
Sai: "Huh?"
Rikuo: "They're my favorite. I just love them!"

*They walk up to the counter*

Rikuo: "12 Apple crisp cookies please."
CLERK: "Sold out."
Rikuo: "WHAT!"
Sai: "Aww..."
Rikuo: "But I love apples."
*Rikuo begins to cry*
Sai: "Rikuo, not here..."
Rikuo: "Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!"
*Everybody looks at Rikuo.*
Sai: "Uhmmm, we'll just have like, 12 chocolate creme cookies instead."
Rikuo: "I don't WANT chocolate creme cookies, I want apple crisp cookies. Apples. I love apples! Love apple crisp, I love it!"
Sai: "Oh man..."

*Sai pulls Rikuo away.*

Sai: "Rikuo--"
Rikuo: "Sai, they're sold out of my favorite cookies!!"
Sai: "But what could we do? I mean don't flip out, they're just cookies after all."
Rikuo: "JUST--??"
Sai: "--I know what you're going to say, and don't. Come on, cheer up. The day's still beautiful, let's go somewhere."

Scenery: Pastry Shop - Outside

*As they leave the shop, a storm brews. Rain is coming down hard.*

Sai: "Ah!"
Rikuo: *Covering his head with his paws* "It's raining!!"
*Rikuo runs back under the roof of the shop*
Sai: "I'll bring the car around, you can stay here."
Rikuo: "Okay."
*Sai runs off. Rikuo looks to the left of him and sees a WOLF eating apple crisp cookies.*
Rikuo: "Well aren't you proud of yourself!"
WOLF: "...Are you talking to me?"
Rikuo: "Getting here all early, eating the best cookies in the whole world. How about that!"
WOLF: "Oh! Would you like one?"
Rikuo: "...Really? I can have one?"
WOLF: "Sure. I prefer chocolate creme anyway."
*The wolf looks down in his box and realizes he ate all of the apple crisp cookies.*
WOLF: "Umm..."
Rikuo: "What?"
WOLF: "Heh... sorry. I must've eaten them all. Would you like chocolate creme instead?"
Rikuo: "...MOTHER F--"
*Sai honks his horn as he pulls up*
Sai: "Get in, Rikuo!"
*Rikuo gets in the car and slams the door*
Sai: "Easy now, pal."
Rikuo: "What does it take to get some cookies around here!?"
Sai: "Hey, hey. You can't get what you want by yelling."
*Awkward silence*
Sai: "Okay, maybe sometimes but..."
Rikuo: "I just want to go back to the castle."
Sai: "Alright."

Scenery: Inside the Castle

*Rikuo is still very upset that he did not get any of his favorite cookies.*

Ayano: "Welcome back! Hey Sai, I haven't seen you in a while now. You're getting taller."
Sai: "Yeah, but I think I reached my limit."
Ayano: "Oh really?"
*Rikuo looks away, thinking to himself.*
Ayano: "Been drinkin' coffee? That stunts your growth!"
Sai: "Maybe for humans..."
Ayano: "Oh, but not monpuchi huh?"
*Rikuo looks up, still thinking.*
Sai: "Well I was going to say, maybe animals have it different."
Ayano: "Is that right, Rikuo?"
*Rikuo looks around*
Ayano: "Ri-ku-o~!"
Rikuo: "Oh--! Sorry, what?"
Ayano: "Are you all right?"
Rikuo: "Yeah, sure. Best day of my life..."
Sai: (to Ayano) "I keep telling him it's just cookies but he wouldn't listen."
Ayano: "Yeah, he's like that. If he can't get what he wants, he makes a big deal about it."

*A scream came from the kitchen*

Sai: "What was that?"
Ayano: "I don't know, that sounded like Foxy though."
Rikuo: "Foxy!?"
*Everyone runs to the kitchen*

Scenery: Kitchen

Foxy: "All right! They're done! They're done! Yay!"
Rikuo: "Foxy, don't scream like that. We thought it was an emergency."
*Foxy looks at Rikuo*
Foxy: "Rikuo! Where the hell were you? We were supposed to be make these apple crisp cookies together!"
Rikuo: "You didn't tell me."
Foxy: "I did so! This morning!"
Rikuo: "I don't remember..."
Foxy: You said, "Mmmf, yeah sure... uh huh!"
Rikuo: "I thought you told me to go BUY some... or... something?"
Sai: "Oh I see, Rikuo was half awake when you told him, Foxy."
Foxy: "Yeah, so?"
Ayano: "Not everyone can remember things if they're half awake."
Sai: "That's right."
Foxy: "...Oh well. We gonna eat these or what?"
*Rikuo has already started eating the cookies*
Sai: "Well, he got what he wanted."
Rikuo: "This is the best day ever!"
*Rikuo continues munching on the cookies.*

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SCRIPT - Ribbon Mini: The New Cook [28 Jul 2007|08:26pm]
"The New Cook"

Scenery: Kitchen

*Sai pops up from below*

Sai: "Hey everybody! My name is Sai, and I am the creator of Ribbon. And I would like to introduce you to my pal... Rikuo!
*Rikuo smiles. Sai continues.*
Sai: "Rikuo is a fox but Laka likes to call him a cat."
Rikuo: "Yeah!"

*Sai walks over to him*

Sai: "So, I see you're wearing you're chef's outfit. Whatcha makin'?"
Rikuo: "Oh, I just put some cookies in the oven a few minutes ago."
Sai: "Really?"

*Sai looks above Rikuo's head.*

Sai: "Oh... well, you do look good in that outfit and all, but... something is missing."
*Rikuo looks up*
Rikuo: "Huh?"
Sai: "Well, you do need a hat don't you? Unless you want one of your ingredients to be hair."

*The oven bell rings*

Foxy: (from a distance) "Oh yay! They're done!"
*Sai and Rikuo look over at Foxy who is holding the finished cookies with her gloves on.*

Foxy: "Hey, these look great! You did a great job here, Rikuo!"
Rikuo: "Thanks!"
*Sai looks a bit confused.*
Sai: "So... did Rikuo make them on his own?"
Foxy: "Yeah, I'm surprised too! And I'm actually proud of him!"

*Foxy extends out the tray of cookies for Sai*

Foxy: "Here, try one, Sai!"
*Sai backs up a step*
Sai: "Oh, no, it's okay. I mean Rikuo made them after all, so maybe he should..."
Rikuo: "It's okay, Sai. You try them first!"
*Sai looks down at the cookies, then back up at Rikuo*
Sai: (thinking) "I don't know about this. Rikuo is not even close to being a professional chef. I still remember that one time when Ayano had to give me the heimlich maneuver because I choked on Rikuo's hair. That was really embarassing..."
*Rikuo, still smiling, looking at Sai*
Sai: (thinking) "He sure does look happy and confident though. I don't want to ruin that for him. Maybe I should just let him down gently."
*Sai takes a deep breath*
Sai: "Rikuo... umm, well... you remember that one time when you made me that spaghetti dinner, right?"
Rikuo: "Yeah...?"
Sai: "And then, I choked on your hair, remember?"
Rikuo: "Ummm..." *pause* "...hardly remember it."
Sai: "WHAT!? You liar! You saw me and you know it!"

*Foxy cuts in*

Foxy: "Oh, is that what this is all about? *laughs* "You know Sai, we did buy a 'defurlator' just the other day!"
Sai: "...defurlator?"
*She demonstrates how it works.*
Foxy: "A defurlator removes all hair and fur from the dough. You simply just put the dough into the defurlator and press the blue button to fire it up. Then out comes the fur, and out comes the dough. Made into cookie shapes like that! Choke-free guaranteed!"
*Foxy looks back at Sai with a smile*
Foxy: And there you have it, Sai!
Sai: (confused) D... defurlator? What ever happened to just wearing gloves...?"

Foxy: (annoyed by his overly confusion) "...what's his deal?"

*Rikuo takes a cookie, throws it up in the air, and catches it in his mouth."

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